Simply Reading

Simply Reading is a multi-sensory homeschool phonics program. It is designed to be an all-inclusive, easy to use program that teaches the fundamentals of phonics and reading in a simple step-by-step system. Help your child learn to read with Simply Reading.

 All of the following materials (plus a few bonus resources) are included in your Simply Reading download…

Instructor’s Manual
100+ Letter & Phonogram Tiles (includes duplicates)
77 Sight Word Cards
66 Phonogram/Letter Cards with pronunciation key on the back



40+ Reading Fluency Pages
40+ Roll & Read Games (at least one for every unit)
26 Alphabet Picture Cards
52 Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Cards

























This program was created to simplify the process of learning to read.

Simply reading is a phonics based program that leans heavily on the Orton-Gillingham approach.

Every child progresses at a different pace. The units in Simply Reading can be adapted to accommodate different learning styles and speeds.

All of the learning materials are included for one price. You won’t be charged for student materials, instructor’s manuals, supplemental materials, manipulatives, etc, etc, etc, like you would with many traditional homeschool reading programs. One price for the whole shebang!

All of the learning materials are in black-and-white to save on the cost of ink. This works great if you have a monochrome printer!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. I’ll be happy to clarify anything!

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